Meet the Vendors: Emotion String Quartet

Jazz up your wedding with live music from Emotion String Quartet! They play a variety of styles and you can hear them at our February Marry Mart at The Paseo! We are so excited to have them and to enjoy their sound!

About Emotion String Quartet-

"We feel that great music really makes the moment, and creates the best memories. We love providing this for our clients! Nothing can replace live music! Not only does it create a meaningful atmosphere, but we can perfectly time song selections so they sound complete (no fade outs!) To us, timing is everything! (along with playing in tune and sounding good…)"

How to book?

"We are not a booking agency. The person you coordinate with is one of the people coming to play at your event so they know exactly what you want musically

Emailing us ( works best so we can check quartet availability for your day. But feel free to give us a call and we can answer any questions you have! You can also check out our website!"

How long has Emotion String Quartet been in business?

"The 4 of us have been playing at weddings and events for the past 12 years. We started in our college days when we were all music majors at ASU, and never stopped playing together! And the best part is- we sound like it!"

What to know about Emotion String Quartet-

"We are versatile. We love to play classical music with the precision and dignity it demands. We also love to play pop/rock/contemporary selections. We have fabulous arrangements from these genres and make them sound great! We really love playing all types of music, and feel our strength lies in playing each genre appropriately. Also, we are really good at what we do. We know how to create the musical atmosphere you request, and allow you to enjoy the music and the moments on your special day!"


Steph + Amelia