Meet the Vendors: Briese Bakes

Who is Briese Bakes?

Cristina Briese is new to Arizona but she is NOT new to baking cakes! Just look at how beautiful and artistic these cakes are. Like, who can do that?! Cristina enjoys the sciences and after many years of medical school went on to be an oral surgeon. Baking has been a passion of hers for a very long time, and three years ago Cristina realized her passion for baking was too great a calling and she could no longer pass up the opportunity to pursue a career creating her artistic cakes. While she bakes for many different events/celebrations, weddings are her favorite!

"My philosophy is that a cake has to be delicious. It is my number one requirement. So I use the best resources in order to achieve that. My cakes are not overly sweet. They are moist, flavorful, all made from scratch, with natural, wholesome and fresh ingredients. I am a sugar flower connoisseur. Sugar orchids are my specialty." - Cristina

How to book Briese Bakes for your big day!

It is best to plan and book the wedding with at least 3 months in advance. I do a phone consultation first so that I can get a feel and have a creative direction to prepare some proposals and to draw some cake sketches; We then schedule a meeting to discuss more details and to taste delicious cakes!

Because each wedding has such unique features, I do not have a set price list. But I am flexible and willing to accommodate the couples needs. I can guarantee that you will have the most delicious dessert experience. Like everything else in this very special day your cake will be unforgettable!

We are thrilled to have Cristina at our next Marry Mart on September 4th at Warehouse 215 at Bentley Projects. Find her online!




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