Meet the Vendors: Inloveness Photography

"My name is Courtney Larson, owner of Inloveness Photography. "Inloveness", all one word. The word was coined by Sheldon Vanhauken, the author of A Severe Mercy, a book that has had a huge impact on my view of love and marriage. (It is about the true story of how he met, loved and lost his wife, Davy.)"

"I have always been a storyteller, finding multiple avenues for expressing myself through art. It was about five years ago, shortly after the birth of my son, when I decided to pursue storytelling through photographs. The stories I photograph have changed over the years, but the heart of what I do has always been in documenting authentic moments. At the beginning of 2016, I moved into weddings. My philosophy is "honest moments, killer portraits". I want each of my clients to look back on their photographs and remember the feeling of each moment."

"It's your story, I am just the teller."

How to book and connect with them?

"The first step in reserving your wedding date is to simply shoot me an email so I can verify that I am not already booked. Once that is squared away, we will set up a time to chat (Skype, in-person, or through email) and make sure we are a good fit." You can email me at

How long has Inloveness been in business?

"I have been a documentary photographer for a little over five years. I now document stories and weddings full-

time while teaching part-time at Click Photo School and raising three pretty amazing kids."

Why are wedding photographs important?

" I am sure I'm jumping the gun here, but these photographs are the only way in which your children will experience your wedding day. (Which is why I am so passionate about what I do!) Telling them how your husband cried through his vows or how grandma busted out some killer moves on the dance floor is one thing, but nothing can beat showing them. Wedding photographs are deeper than just you two. They are heirlooms. Invest in your memories and pass them on."

Inloveness portrays the true story of your love. We can tell that she puts in so much time and effort to make sure that the story told is authentic to you as a couple. Let her tell your story! Meet Courtney at our February Mart at The Paseo!


Steph + Amelia