Meet the Vendors: Magro Clothing

Its no secret we are obsessed with Magro Clothing and their gorgeous section of mens suits and accessories. They have participated in both of our styled photo shoots and you can see their suits in action in these two blog posts-

The Paseo with Tish Carlson + Love Story Films

The Paseo with Sincerely Yara + Love Story Films

Skyler and Sam have an impeccable eye for detail, pattern, style, and how to pair different tones together. Snag your tickets to our next market taking place on 02.20.17 at The Paseo Venue from 11-5pm to meet this incredible team!


MAGRO is a custom clothing company...cause why should our style be limited to what a store chooses to carry that season? We particularly love making custom wedding suits, as it’s the most important day of a dudes life, and we think he should wear a unique, one-of-a-kind garment for such a special day. No oversized, reused, rentals here.

How to book them-

Book an appointment with us at our Phoenix location at

How long have they been around?

MAGRO started 2.5 years ago. Sam was lugging suits around in the back of his Corolla, and measuring people in their houses. We’ve stepped it up a bit since then: Higher quality suits and a better office view.

What to know when booking them-

We love finding the perfect suit fabric for the big day, as well as helping you pick the many fine details. i.e. buttons, lining, and even stitching colors. Come at us with a suit idea you’ve been daydreaming about, and we’ll do what we can to make it happen! Afterwards we’ll measure you completely and make your suit perfectly to your body. You're spending thousands on the perfect dress, amazing venue, food, music, and a photographer to capture it all…If you skimp on the suit, you'll stick out for the wrong reason!


Steph + Amelia