Meet the Vendors: Kendra Steele Beauty

About Kendra-

"Kendra Steele Beauty is my personal makeup and beauty business. I love makeup because it is so fun to see someone’s attitude shift because of the way you made them feel. This is made even more special in the world of weddings because the makeup you are doing is representing a love and the start of a new life. How cool is that? I believe that makeup should be a way to accentuate a person's natural beauty, but if someone wants to be dramatic and bold for their special day - lets go for it! There are so many options and so many techniques that makeup never gets old - I am always growing and learning. I truly love what I do because of this."

How to book her-

"There is a place to submit an inquiry on my website,, but really anything works!

Instagram, phone/text, email, Facebook… I’ve got it all."

How long has she been doing makeup?

"I have officially been in business for 5 months, but have been doing makeup for seven years. I decided after all that time I was finally ready to market myself and build my business instead of just having it be one of my passions."

What to know when hiring her-

"I think the biggest detail I want people to remember when they are hiring anyone is to speak up if you have a question or concern. I don’t know exactly how other vendors feel, but I always tell me clients at our trial, "If you don’t like ANYTHING, tell me." After all, its just makeup, it can be fixed, and you are not going to hurt my feelings. Everyone has different ideas of what is beautiful and it is really important during your wedding planning process to not let someone else’s idea overstep yours. We are here to make you happy. "

Kendra Steele Beauty is a business that we love working with! She is not only an outstanding makeup artist but is also the sweetest person we have ever met! She is someone you definitely want to hire for your wedding day, but don't just take our word for it! Come and meet this beauty at our February Mart at The Paseo and get to know her yourself!


Steph + Amelia