Meet the Vendors: Copper+Cotton

"Copper+Cotton is a home-grown Arizonan wedding planning boutique. It's important to me that we support local vendors who do a spectacular job, even when we are the client (such as our web designer and business card printer). I strive to create an efficient, streamlined planning process so that my couples can enjoy their engagement and feel confident that their wedding will be their favorite day ever. Another goal of mine is to make sure that all of our clients feel welcome and at home in planning their own wedding--even grooms. It's not fair that the wedding industry has catered to brides for so long. You're a couple and should be treated like one!"

"I love planning weddings, especially full service ones, because I get to watch the couple grow and love each other as they plan. It is essentially the first project they complete as a married couple and being part of that is an honor. Having been married for 10 years myself, I think marriage is a beautiful, unique thing that should be celebrated. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I get to play with pretty things!"

How to book?

"When a couple falls in love with what we can provide to them (experience, tools, reliable and quality vendors, ease of planning, and design ideas), they can fill out the inquiry form on our website or email me at Our process is also outlined on the About page of our website."

How long have you been in business?

"While C+C is a baby company (we became official in June of 2016), I have over 8 years of experience in planning weddings. I started my planning career with the help of another planner, who eventually brought me on as an associate planner for three years. In June, I decided to use the experience, knowledge and relationships I had nurtured during those 8 years to create my own Arizona branded planning business. I'm so glad I did."

What you should know?

"My clients should understand that we are a team. I am here to coach them, guide them, and share my resources. But I can't plan their wedding for them. All of my work is based on their own personality as a couple, their vision, their dream for their wedding, and the decisions that they make. This makes each wedding different, which I love! One of my favorite things about planning weddings is finding that perfect design that makes their guests say, "this is so them!"."

"It's also important to make sure that you have a great connection with both your planner and your photographer. You will be spending A LOT of time with these people and if you mesh well, it will make planning, and your wedding day, the most blissful thing. I always like to have a face-to-face or Skype meeting before booking clients to make sure I am the planner who will get you, who will make you feel at peace and confident that your day will be just what you want it to be."

Jamie is not the only thing that is super sweet but her weddings are too! Come and see what Copper+Cotton is all about at our upcoming event!


Steph + Amelia