Meet the Vendors: Showers by Ally

"Showers by Ally offers handcrafted bridal shower decor packages... for rent! I've taken the top trending looks seen on Pinterest for bridal showers, and gathered all the decor you would need to achieve one of those specific styles, all packaged together in an easy to set-up rental set! Don't give into Pinterest pressure! I've done all the legwork, saving you time by not having to go to multiple stores, making all those custom signs/banners, or coming up with table/decor design. Along with being able to keep yourself on a decor budget, which is always hard to do! And the best part... afterwards you're not stuck with a ton of stuff you'll have no use for, you just return it!

I came up with this concept after seeing so many friends and family stress about not being able to throw pinterest worthy showers. I have always loved the opportunity to step in and take over, and soon realized that not everybody enjoyed the store hopping and the love of "the decor hunt" like I did! I wanted a way to be able help people throw beautiful showers without necessarily having to pay for me to set it up for them. I unfortunately can't be multiple places at once (dangit) along with the fact that designers aren't always in the budget, and I found that people tend to want to save money on the shower to spend more on the wedding! But thanks to Pinterest, showers have become quite the event! I love being able to take some of the pressure off the hosts, especially when their job should be showering their bride! NOT stressing about decor!" -Ally

How long has 'Showers by Ally' been in business? Showers by Ally is making its official launch this coming Monday at the Marry Mart!!

Where you can you find her?

People can find us on facebook at , instagram @showersbyally or on our website (launching monday)

We are absolutely honored to have Ally as a vendor at the Marry Mart and even more honored that she is basically launching her business with us! Upon meeting Ally, we knew we were so fortunate to meet an amazing woman. She's talented, incredibly kind, and she works her butt off. We can't wait to see her business flourish!

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