Marry Mart Workshops: Makeup Tips with Pooja Mehta of Makiaj Beauty

We are thrilled to announce that the incredibly talented makeup artist Pooja Mehta, owner of Makiaj Beauty, will be holding a 30 min workshop at The Marry Mart on September 5th at The Vintage 45. She'll be showing off a gorgeous bridal look on a model and talking about the importance of hiring a professional makeup artist, what trends we are seeing right now, and how to best communicate with your makeup artist when trying to find the perfect look for your big day. We are honored to have her here and we hope you all come to meet this incredible artist! Workshop time : 12-1230pm in the upstairs loft Lets learn more about Pooja-

Trends with makeup I am seeing: A lot less structured black winged liner and lips ( I am happy about this! ) A very worn in dewy makeup look where you can't see where makeup starts and where it ends. Golden monochromatic eyes to make the eyeshape look bigger; wispier lashes that are longest in the middle of eye; opposed to the end of the eye. 80's & 90's lip color like ash tone purples and dark brown - reminds me of my wet and wild days (my first lipstick I owned) Wet & Wild 541 :-)!!

Do's & Don'ts when hiring: Price & Value go hand in hand. Hire an artist that most reflects your own style and own image of beauty. Read reviews and of course leave a budget to do a trial.

Tell us about you- why do you love what you do: Being a makeup artist & a hairstylist is about empowering women. Its about making them confident & bringing out their natural beauty; its very therapeutic. I am so grateful for all of the women who have put their trust in me on one of their most important days in their life & who continue to do so. Celebrity for a day// Beauty for Life!

Where can you find her to book her and follow Makiaj Beauty?