Meet the Vendors: Silent Flight Coffee

"Silent Flight is basically a specialty coffee shop-but mobile. I've been a barista for about 11 years nows and it's still my favorite thing to do. I've traveled and trained with lots of cool coffee companies (including Four Barrel -- one of my favorites ) I love making coffee for people.

It reconnects people, it sparks ideas, it motivates, and it helps create! The best conversations I've ever had were over coffee. So of course it would make since to have coffee for you and your guests on your big day!

Coffee at your wedding = more energy to shake it on the dance floor!" - Cherisse, Silent Flight Coffee

How to book and connect with them?

Clients are welcome to contact us in serveral ways to set up a consultations -- Facebook, Instagram , email , phone or our website,



Having a consultation with our client is the best way to figure out what will work for them. We do have some basic packages to start from, which will be listed on our website along with pricing.

We offer a full espresso bar meaning macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, and americanos . In addition we also make all of our own syrups-- the Lavender one seems to be popular at the moment! We also make some lovely Italian sodas. During the summer and hotter months Cold Brew is a very popular drink and it's one of or favorites to make! We will actually be serving it at the Marry Mart in September! We do have packages that are just for Cold Brew as well.

Silent Flight serves direct trade coffee. Using some amazing roasters from all over the U.S.

A lot of companies we buy coffee from are on the front line for specialty coffee. We want to support people that are game changers and of course serve some of the best beans out there. So we aren't your average coffee caterer.

Along with serving great coffee comes great water and Milk! We use reverse osmosis water and always local organic dairy milk. But when it comes to milk alternatives have we got a surprise for you! Our nut milk is in my opinion the best milk I've ever had. We have created the perfect recipe to pair with espresso. It's creamy and delicious and steams beautifully! Nothing like the stuff you find in the grocery store! We will also be giving out samples of our nut milk at the marry mart!

Who runs Silent Flight Coffee?

Silent Flight is owned and operated by myself Cherisse and my Partner Kristy. We both have a passion for creating tasty things and connecting with people. But we also have a huge passion for animals. I myself am involved with several different rescues including Liberty Wildlife (a bird of prey rescue) and Luv of Dog Inc ( a dog rescue ) . We will donate part of our profits to these local rescues.

We are so excited to have such a fun and incredibly sweet team be a part of the Marry Mart on September 5th. Make sure to stop by Silent Flight to meet this great team and to taste their delicious drinks!