Meet the Vendors: KellyBowBelly Accessories

How darling are all of these custom bowties and accessories for men and children? We love them! Kelly's products can be found via her Etsy page and she'll be one of the amazing vendors at the upcoming Marry Mart! Learn more about KellyBowBelly-

"Kellybowbelly is a small business run out of my home studio in Flagstaff, AZ. I specialize in creating handmade, accessories for men and children. I have always been intrigued by neckties...strange, I know, but true. In high school, I collected ties until I had enough to make myself a skirt. It was awesome! I love the colors, shape, and textures involved in creating the perfect item. There is also something calming about pressing each tie and then hand stitching them together." -Kelly

How to book her-

A stand alone website is also in the works.

How long has KellyBowBelly been in business?

I started in 2009. Before Kellybowbelly, I graduated with a B.S. in Public Health and was also a nationally certified sign language interpreter. I started kellybowbelly right before my husband and I moved our family across the country so he could attend law school in Michigan. I had 3 small kids, and was 6 months pregnant. In order to make ends meet and stay home with my babies, I threw myself into this business. My youngest is now almost 6 and doesn't know life without Mom at her sewing machine. If you look through my photos on, you can see my boys growing up in the listings.

What to know when you are hiring KellyBowBelly-

I have over 271 color options for you to choose from. Chances are, I can match your color choice. And the most helpful tip I can give a bride and her groom is: There is always someone who forgets. If you decide to have the groomsmen order their items individually, someone ALWAYS forgets. Uncle Carl, cousin Tim, your brother or best friend...even he will wait till the last minute. I get so many rush orders from the bride on behalf of someone else. That is why I offer a 10% discount for bulk orders. It helps everyone!

Website- Etsy

Facebook- KellyBowBelly

Instagram- @kellybowbellyonetsy