Meet the Vendors: Anna Phillips Photography

Meet Anna Phillips! AZ photographer for 10 years and we are SO excited to have this beautifully talented professional as a vendor at the Marry Mart in September. Upon meeting Anna, her passion for her work shows through not only in her incredible photography but also in her excited presence and kind eyes. We are thrilled to feature her!

Meet Anna-

"I was born in a family of artists. My grandfather is my muse, because he is a painter. When I was a child I always would wait for my grandpa to come home from work. I would jump on him and ask if he brought me paper and a new pen :)

When I got old enough and could hold a camera in my hands, I would not miss a single chance to take a photo. I remember that day when I showed my grandpa one of my pictures. He asked me 3 times if I really took that photo. I was in seventh heaven because he liked it so much.

Since I was a child, I loved to photograph people. It is my passion.

I just love taking photos of happy couples in love!! Creating memories for the couples, their friends, and families is the most amazing thing about my job.

As a professional photographer, I always make sure the couple is comfortable and prepared for their session. Not everyone will feel comfortable in front of the camera, so I like to meet before the shoot and make sure they understand how to create a good photo, and with my magic, it turns to a masterpiece!

There are many Wedding Photography Styles, such as Classic, Romantic, Lifestyle, Artistic, Documentary etc. I just can’t pick one.

Collaborating styles makes memories even more unforgettable. Capturing the moments but also setting the scene is my favorite. A couple’s willingness to have fun and enjoy the moment can take a photo to the next level. That is one of my favorite parts of an Artistic style. Classic images are those that stand the test of time — striking, gorgeous, and a bit formal. My passion is to always think what memories I can create out of ordinary moments." -Anna

How to book her-

I love to meet and during the cup of coffee and get to know each other.

Otherwise, please call or text at 480-444-9797, as well as visit my website contact page.

How long has she been shooting?

Photography is something that I liked doing since I was a child, but professionally I have done it for more than 10 years.

What details should you send her to give her the vibe of your wedding day?

Seeing what inspires couples is the best way to show me what you are looking for from your wedding photographer. If you have any scrapbooks, collages, or Pinterest boards with ideas, I would love to see them. That way I can understand what style you are looking for.