Meet the Vendors: Tremaine Ranch

Phoenix is full of amazing talent, especially in the wedding industry, but we are especially giddy about todays highlighted vendor, Tremaine Ranch. From the info you are about to read, you can feel how passionate this husband and wife team are about making your wedding day perfect. Meet Leah and Matt!

About Tremaine Ranch: We are Leah and Matt Theodosis; husband and wife team based out of Phoenix, Arizona and owners of Tremaine Ranch. We were married on a beautiful historic piece of property that dates back to 1918. Fortunately, Leah’s parents own that property which is located on Tremaine Drive in Chandler. Our company, Tremaine Ranch, was founded in 2013 after we devoted many hours designing and creating for our own special day. We named our company after the property where we said our own vows. Tremaine Ranch is a Vintage & Specialty Rental company for weddings, events, tv/film, photo shoots and more. We also specialize in custom furniture for homes and events. Many of our pieces are handcrafted by our creative team, which makes each piece very special! Our goal is to provide our clients with the personalized details that they are looking for by bringing their vision to life. We pride ourselves in offering one of a kind pieces saturated with life, history, and authenticity. We do what we do because we believe each and every client is worth the hard work, dedication and time spent to make an event more than just a celebration. We do what we do to make sure that our client's memories last a lifetime. Every special event or project deserves someone who is just as invested in those moments as the host is.

Tremaine Ranch has been in business since April 2014. After our wedding, we realized we had all of this cool 'stuff' that we didn't want to get rid of. So, we decided to rent it out for some extra money. We had a big move planned for January of 2015, but that was changed once we realized we really enjoyed the relationships that we had built in Arizona with the creative industry, including all of the friends we made in the wedding & event industry. Once we changed our plans, we continued to expand our inventory and options for potential clients.

How to book them: We love building our client base through social media; but who doesn't! We find the the best way to build more personal relationships is by starting conversation in private messages, scheduling a meeting and talking about a potential client's vision, their likes/dislikes and their overall aesthetic for the event or project. Meeting in person helps us recommend the best pieces for what it is you're planning. After meeting, the best way for clients to reach out to us is through our email. We love to keep everything organized and in one space, so there are no double bookings happening for any furniture or tableware items. What they want you to know when you are booking vendors for your wedding day: If we could tell potential clients one thing, it would be GO WITH WHAT YOU WANT! Don't listen to what other people are telling you is trendy or cute or boring or lame; who cares! If you're planning your dream wedding, go after your dreams and really search for a company that is supportive of your vision. If that is not Tremaine Ranch, that is totally okay! We want everyone to have their dream wedding or event be memorable and picking the right team of vendors, the right style and the best location is something we can fully support.

We are pretty obsessed with these guys! Come meet them at the Marry Mart in September! You can find them on social media at the links below. Website Facebook Instagram