In today's world, your wedding can literally be

ANYTHING you want it to be!

From remote-adventure-camp-out-festival-style

to traditional-bouquet-tosses-and-cake-face-plants;

a wedding is no longer a checklist of to-dos but an

opportunity to showcase the personality of a couple

uniting as one in celebration. 

Marry Mart highlights the importance of

creativity and individuality in today's weddings.

By showcasing the best local artists and

craftsmen + an array of photographers, videographers,

hair stylists, makeup artists, bake shops, etc... 

bringing the finest handcrafted goods, cakes,

invitations, gowns, services, & flowers in Arizona.

Curated with the best small businesses the area has to offer. 


The Marry Mart seeks to strengthen and grow the bond between the community and the creatives that serve it.  We are thrilled to bring these small businesses together in one place to help make your special day magical.